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Pre-Wedding Meditation and Movement Workshop

Pre-Wedding Meditation and Movement Workshop


There is power in community, in gathering with others who are on a journey. I offer retreats to help you become rooted & wild in your own life during moments of transition. 



January 22nd, 2019 from 7-8:30 pm at The Liberty Glass in Portland, OR. $25/couple

What do you want your wedding to feel like?

We’re often focused on the visual aspects of a wedding day, from Pinterest boards to Instagram to wedding magazines, the visuals are EVERYWHERE but have you paused to check in with yourself and your partner to ask what do WE want our wedding day to feel like? How will our guests experience this celebration of our love?

If you plan your love party from this place, decisions can become simpler and more clear. Does this vendor align with our vibe, does this decoration or activity fit with our vision or is this a representation of us as a couple?

Come explore these questions in a fun workshop setting. You will walk away with a clear wedding vibe statement to anchor your wedding planning process!

  • Alternative Bachelorette Parties

    Alternative bachelorette parties honor the bride and her chosen community who will support her through the transition into marriage. Choose from a menu of meaningful rituals and ceremonies to honor the bride or co-create a full weekend experience led by me. Offerings include yoga, meditation, poetry, belly dancing, tarot, hula hooping and more!

    Read more about alternative bachelorette parties on my blog here!

  • Pre-Wedding Meditation & Movement WorkshopS

    On the morning of your wedding, rather than rushing into the day, what if you paused to breath, to reflect, to stretch with your community of friends? Together, we can create a customized hour of movement and mindfulness that will set the tone for your wedding day. Offerings include yoga, guided meditation, poetry, music and more.

  • Goddess Retreats

    A 2 day retreat focused on mindfulness, self reflection, art and movement with a small community of women set on 12 acres in the Willamette Valley. Stay tuned for the 2019 retreat date.

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Got an idea for a retreat and want to collaborate? Drop me a line. I love to brainstorm!